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Cross-sector skills

Many of our Associates have skills that are valuable across several different transport and infrastructure sectors.
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Cross sector skills

Most significant transport and infrastructure projects require a variety of domain-specific skills to be brought together with other skills that transcend any one sector. These are transferable skills that may be applied to a variety of situations using common principles and strategies. Several of our consultants have these transferable skills, though often built on a strong foundation within a particular sector.

Many of the cross sector skills we offer can be considered to be focussed on process, management, and the use of data, though some, like Architecture and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are more directly connected with the design process. Each has an important role to play in planning, enabling, managing or delivering successful projects alongside our discipline specialists.
Our cross-sector skills include:

 Architecture
 Asset management
 Bid writing
 Business transformation
 Collaboration
 Commercial management
 Compulsory purchase advice
 Contract management
 Corporate strategy
 Cost estimating
 Data analysis
 Innovation and Six Sigma
 Investment strategies (infrastructure)
 Planning consents
 Policy development
 Project and programme management
 Risk management
 Reliability Centred Maintenance
 Safety management
 Sustainable design
 Systems integration / engineering

Our consultants have international experience and have worked on some of the most globally-significant infrastructure in the UK, Europe and Middle East, but are equally at home on smaller projects of more local and regional significance. Each is regularly working with a variety of client organisations and is able to bring breadth of experience as well as flexibility in their approach to respond to difference scenarios.