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Our Associates have decades of experience in many different technical, planning and commercial aspects of the railways sector
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As populations grow and increasingly migrate towards cities, the need for efficient means of mass transportation increases, both within major population areas and between them.

The success of railways, whether high speed, intercity, suburban, metro, light rail or even freight, depends on the success of the first and last links in the journey as much as the integration of the many systems that make up a railway.

The complexity of a railway and its place in the physical, political, social and commercial environment requires the expertise attained through the decades of training and experience that MOSAIC’s consultants provide.

Our consultants have international experience in the development of new and existing railways of all types including the following particular skills areas:

 Architecture
 Asset management
 Concept design
 Cost estimation
 Demand forecasting
 Depots
 Electrification
 Feasibility studies
 Fleet management
 Franchise bid support or assessment
 Lenders Technical Advisor
 Network modelling
 Policy and strategy development
 Project and programme management
 Route development
 Risk management
 Safety management
 Signalling
 Stations
 Systems integration
 Telecommunications
 Timetabling

Our consultants have worked with public and private sector clients including the Department for Transport (UK), railway infrastructure owners, railway operators, and third parties such as developers and local authorities. Each has their own needs and constraints that we are sensitive to, ensuring that we take a holistic but pragmatic approach to achieving their objectives.