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Our Associates have decades of experience in the design, operation and assessment of highways infrastructure
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Highways remain the primary transport mode for many around the world, and enable the daily connections from door-to-door for private individual, commercial and freight transport.

There are significant challenges in extending the infrastructure to serve new residential and commercial developments, as well as manage the legacy infrastructure on budgets under increasing pressure.

The highways sector is undergoing a continual transformation in adopting new technology as smart management of networks is introduced and the prospect of Connected Autonomous Vehicles looms large on the horizon. This development will drive physical, process and policy changes, many of which have yet to be fully understood.

Together with changing patterns of car and delivery vehicle use driven by wider social developments, MOSAIC Consultants are well-placed to anticipate, adapt and provide solutions that meet these emerging needs.

Our consultants are known for their careful identification and consideration of options for highway design as well as provide robust guidance for efficient long-term management of highway assets.

Whether it is in the design and specification of a new highway scheme, or independent technical review, our team’s advice is built on decades of experience in the UK, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and beyond. The areas of specific expertise our consultants can offer include:
 Asset management
 Car parks
 Feasibility studies
 Geotechnical studies
 Investment strategies
 Lenders Technical Advisor
 Pavement design
 Planning consents
 Technical standards and specifications

Many of our team have worked with high-profile organisations such as Highways England (and its predecessors), providing strategic and technical guidance.

Likewise, through long term relationships as trusted partners with local authority transport organisations, our consultants have deep understanding of the pressures on limited budgets and how to drive best value for money.

Where we work with contractors in the development of tenders either directly or providing independent review on behalf of the lenders, we recognise the need for clear and robust reporting to stand firm under scrutiny and demonstrate trustworthy advice to our clients.