About MOSAIC Consultants

Over 1000 years' professional experience

Clients can access the skills of specialist consultancies, without the difficulty of finding or managing them; MOSAIC Associates can access a wider audience and easily form teams for bigger commissions.

MOSAIC Consultants Ltd is a collaboration of 21 micro-consultancies representing more than 50 individuals who are working together to provide excellent consultancy services to clients in the transport and infrastructure sectors.

MOSAIC enables specialist micro-consultancies to form bespoke multidisciplinary teams efficiently and simplify the engagement process for clients.

Clients contract directly with MOSAIC, and have a designated project manager who is responsible for the management of the selected consultants and the successful delivery of the project.

We manage each project through our intranet/extranet which gives secure access to only those that need it and ensures that consultants from different Associate can communicate and share as one team.

We enable clients to access teams of specialists from micro-consultancies who can be difficult to find and manage otherwise.

Through our growing breadth and depth of capability we are able to provide a wide range of services with the resilience and capacity to take on larger projects than our Associates would normally take on themselves.

Associate organisations benefit from joining a high quality referral network and exposure to new clients through MOSAIC projects and the MOSAIC website. Many of our Associates also value the community feel of the organisation and the ability to learn from each other.
If you are a micro-consultancy with relevant skills and are interested in joining us, please make contact with us using the links below and we'll have a chat.

Our locations

The MOSAIC icons in the map below show the registered offices of each of our Associate organisations, but many work nationally or internationally