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MOSAIC Consultants is a collaboration of 21 specialist micro-consultancies representing more than 50 individuals working in transport and infrastructure. We draw on our Associates with decades of expertise to form high quality multi-disciplinary teams to meet our clients' needs.


28 Sep 2018

MOSAIC article published in Rail Professional magazine

Julian Sindall of MOSAIC Consultants was invited to write an article for Rail Professional Magazine.

His topic was 'Unlocking the skills of micro-consultancies' where he outlined the ways in which small organisations are adopting new technology to become more accessible to clients, and how clients can help small organisations.

[Read the article on page 113 here]

16 SeP 2018

Clarke-Kendall Associates Ltd joins MOSAIC

We are very pleased that Clark-Kendall Associates Ltd has now joined MOSAIC Consultants.

Clarke-Kendall Associates provides expertise on planning consents, compulsory purchase orders, Transport and Works Act Orders (TWAs) and Development Consent Orders (DCOs).

14 SeP 2018

Kittle Associates Ltd joins MOSAIC

We are very pleased that Kittle Associates Ltd has now joined MOSAIC, providing expertise in bid writing services supporting Rail Franchises, Funding applications, PPP tenders etc..

Working with Kittle Associates, MOSAIC can support clients who need winning bid strategies and bid writing underpinned by solid technical expertise.

29 AUG 2018

MOSAIC joins the RISQS scheme

MOSAIC has now been accepted under the .Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme under some 16 categories reflecting the range of skills that we now have.

24 AUG 2018

Ed Jeffery Ltd joins MOSAIC

We are very pleased that Ed Jeffery Ltd has now joined MOSAIC, providing expertise in railway network modelling and timetable analysis.

Ed Jeffery is a recognised expert in the development and analysis of train modelling, using Railsys and other software to assess route capacity and impacts of infrastructure modifications on the operational railway.

20 AUG 2018


We are very pleased that MIRISOL Ltd has now joined MOSAIC, providing expertise in railway feasibility project development and delivery.

MIRISOL has worked on major and minor rail projects, providing project management, sponsorship, stakeholder management, and project delivery services. Together with MOSAIC's railway discipline specialists, MIRISOL helps strengthen MOSAIC's feasibility development capability.

our services

What we can do for you

The range of professional consultancy services MOSAIC can provide grows with each new Associate. Collectively, we have about 1000 years' worth of professional experience in the following services for transport and related sectors:


Our consultants have international experience in the development of new and existing railways of all types. They have worked with public and private sector clients including the Department for Transport (UK), railway infrastructure owners and railway operators. MOSAIC is RISQS certificated for 16 categories.
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Our consultants provide highway design and independent technical review.
They are known for their combination of practical and academic expertise, providing robust guidance for efficient long-term management of highway assets.
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Asset management

MOSAIC’s consultants bring clear, robust, and pragmatic advice to clients needing a better way forward. Our consultants comprise engineers and mathematicians who can blend data analysis with practical experience.
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Cross sector skills

Many of the cross sector skills we offer can be considered to be focussed on process, management, and the use of data, though some, like Architecture and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are more directly connected with the design process. Each has an important role to play alongside our discipline specialists.
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The team

Our consultants

MOSAIC is supported by Associate companies representing the very best micro-consultancies working in the transport and infrastructure sectors. Many of our consultants come with decades of relevant experience, often at senior level, and have proved their individual value for many years on the open marketplace.

Associates are only accepted by recommendation from existing Associates or rigorous interview so that clients can be sure they are getting excellent advice. Associates have committed to work collaboratively with clients and and each other and to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in their work.

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Our Projects

Here is a selection of past and current projects MOSAIC has been working on.
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The Wixams

MOSAIC supported Kilborn Consulting Ltd in developing a concept design for a new railway station to support a housing development at The Wixams in Bedfordshire.


MOSAIC provided expert advice to the OECD International Transport Forum (ITF) supporting their analysis of Slovakian motorway cost estimation processes.


MOSAIC has been selected to be on Lot 3 (Highways Asset Management) of the North East Procurement Organisation's four year NEPO212 framework from September 2017.

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